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About me:



Hello! I am an industrial designer with 18+ years of experience in 3D animation, visual effects, and motion graphics. As a rule of thumb, my latest project is my best project -with the added experience of the previous project(s)!

I have accumulated knowledge in areas such as typography, design fundamentals, 3D computer graphics, animation principles and color theory, as well as a deep understanding of various file formats and delivery workflows used in VFX and postproduction.

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Art station


Idea Generation & Prototyping

Pre-Visualization & Concept Development

3D & 2D Product Visualization & animations


Visual Effects: 3D Modelling, Texturing, Lighting, Animation & Simulation, Rendering, 2D/3D Tracking, Green screen extraction, Rotoscoping, Matte painting, Matching CGI with Live-Action, Set Extension, Look Development, Video manipulation, Camera Projection & VFX Compositing, ​VFX Breakdown & On-set Supervision.


Motion Graphics: TV Broadcast Branding, On-air graphics, Channel Identity (signatures, menus, fly-ins, etc.), Logo Animation, TV Show packages (titles, bumpers, lower thirds, etc.), Trailers, Promotions & Documentaries.


Product Visualization: Convert conceptual designs and CAD files into fully realized products with photorealistic renderings and promotions to visually communicate its functions, features, and component specifications serving a specific purpose for different stakeholders.


Game Assets, AR & VR Visualization: Designing, Modelling, Texture baking & preparing 3D assets for Games, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality applications. 360° Exterior & Interior architecture VR visualization.


In addition to these technical aspects, I value communication and am comfortable collaborating with teams remotely across different platforms and time zones. I consider myself a self-starter with a positive outlook, always open to enhancing my skills and learning new technologies. I appreciate constructive feedback and am able to adapt to changes swiftly. I strive to maintain a coachable and approachable demeanor. Overall, I am dedicated to contributing quality work and am eager to embrace new challenges.



For business inquiries, feel free to email me at:

Company registry number at the chamber of commerce in The Netherlands (KVK): 76799646

VAT: NL003116431B35

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