I worked as a 3D Generalist & Motion Graphic Designer for over 5 years at 2 TV stations in Kuwait.

After nearly nine years of my career in VFX, I was ready to explore new domains & expand my knowledge & abilities by relocating to another country with a slightly different job description, yet all under the CGI umbrella.

I spent over 5 years working closely with directors, creative directors, art directors & producers to conceptualize & develop (signatures, show titles, bumpers, lower 3rds, etc.) for on-air graphics, network branding & channel identities.

During this time, I drastically enhanced my 2D motion graphics skills. Then, in the last quarter of 2016, while visiting ACM Siggraph (annual conference on computer graphics) in LA-California I met an American-Kuwaiti creative & producer who introduced me to Blizzard Entertainment where
I was fortunate to be asked to do motion graphics work for BlizzCon tournaments from 2016 until 2019.

Motion Graphics Demoreel